Insurance plans for working and non working women


Women have come a long way from the limited career and stay-at-home roles they once had. While more and more women are making financial plans and considering various investments and savings avenues, few take life insurance seriously. Some women don’t even have a life insurance policy. Today’s career woman is equal to her male counterpart in the workplace and also contributes to the running of her home. The services of a stay-at-home mother are equally valuable. In fact, many would consider them invaluable! What would happen to their families if they were no longer around?


What married, working women should know about life insurance

The majority of working women who are married contribute to the family expenses and for this reason, dual income households enjoy financial stability. Women in situations like this should know that if they died, their family would not be able to manage a lifestyle similar to the one they currently enjoy. Without this source of income, her loved ones might have to make many changes, and deal with not just emotional loss, but financial insecurity as well.


What every stay-at-home woman should know about life insurance

The contribution of a stay at home woman cannot go unnoticed. You may not “bring in“ the money, but your services definitely save money. So make sure you have a life insurance policy that will at least help your family. Small saving would give good returns when you require.

At LIC, we have many Life Insurance plans to suit working as well as non working women. For working and non working women, Individual Insurance plan can be given or 2 or more plans can be combined to achieve a goal in the given period. There are many money back plans which not only gives periodic returns but also give a lump sum amount at the end of the maturity.


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